Saving money is a prominent theme everywhere and across all industries. From clipping coupons to save on food to hunting for clearance racks in retail outlets, there are ways to save money on just about everything you do, including shipping your vehicle. Yes, while you might get quotes that say otherwise, it’s worth utilizing a few tips geared towards saving you a few bucks the next time you need to get your vehicle from place to the next without you being the one to get it there. The ability to do so rests on being a savvy consumer, taking the time to research various companies and being willing to speak up about what you want in an auto transport quote.

You might be surprised to find that oftentimes, when you ask, a company is more than willing to work for your business, and in some cases, that might include a discount on your auto transport services. The general idea behind doing so is to ensure that you will return as a customer should you find you need auto transport services in the future. Additionally, the company in question would prefer that you recommend them for service to anyone else that you know that might be in need of auto transport.

With that in mind, consider a few tips to get you started on your quest to save money on shipping your vehicle. You might have to mix and match methods depending on the company in question, but employing at least one is generally guaranteed to get you a few bucks off of transport in one way or another.

Lessen the weight of your vehicle:

Some of the cost incurred when shipping a vehicle is associated with the weight of it; while there’s not much you can do about the core weight of your vehicle, things like reducing non-essential fluids, taking out personal effects and remove external accessories can take a few pounds off, which can be a decent-sized reduction in price.

Ask about referral programs:

Some companies are more than willing to reward you for being their mouthpiece. Take advantage of this if you know something moving or traveling long distance. You may save money on subsequent shipping services.

Utilize companies that offer first-time shipping discounts:

Some companies will offer you a steep discount if this is your first time shipping a vehicle. This is an effort to get you to be a repeat customer. Search around for quotes that include this caveat when booking transport services.

Opt for terminal shipping instead of door-to-door:

Door-to-door always costs more because the company incurs more of a cost getting your car to your home. Opt to drive to the terminal to drop it off and pick up. You can save up to 30% or more on your auto transport services.

Request open-air, tractor-trailer transport:

Specialized shipping can drive up the cost of shipping your vehicle significantly. Avoid this by going with one of the most inexpensive forms of auto transport: open-air shipping on a tractor-trailer. However, this is not advisable for super expensive vehicles nor should you do so for custom cars.