Do you know how much you spent on eating out last month?

NO!!! I do not track my money. Really?

The very small act of tracking— how much money you make and how much is going out can make a huge difference when it comes to control finances.

In today’s economical climate having the knowledge to be able to monitor and improve your personal finances is becoming very valuable.

It can help you prevent things like late fees and overdraft penalties and identify the areas where money could be saved without painful cuts. And eventually it will enable you to spend less than you make. So you can save for the future.

Here you will find some excellent finance tips in order to achieve your monetary goals and become financially successful.

Get informed

Sometimes we ignore the things that sound scary but when it comes to personal finance management, it is important to understand all the particulars, so we start to surf the Internet. The World Wide Web is a great place to find useful information that can help you get organized with your finances. By reading various finance blogs, you will come to know how to capture information related to your personal finances like earnings, expenses, tolerance, and your risk attitude.

Exploit technology

Using online banking and automated bill payments is a great way to keep a close eye on your money. You will be able to view detailed statements when and where you want help to control your expenditures. Free apps namely dollar bird and good budget are outstanding in calculating the impact of your personal finances on your bank account. All of these apps are compatible for your iOS and Android devices.

Budget your spending

It is important to evaluate where you need to spend your money and how much of it is appropriate to be spent to monitor personal financial health. Write down your budget and practice self discipline. Be especially careful when it comes to big purchases, for example, if you need to buy a new car better choose a reasonably-priced secondhand car what you can buy online instead of a completely new car you can’t afford. Keep the receipts of everything you purchase. At the end of the day, calculate the total expenditures. In this way, you can find out the overall expenditures in a month. Also, determine the areas you’re spending too little.

Reward yourself sensibly

Reward yourself with a small gift when you achieve a personal goal, however, remember it is vital that you spend considerably less than you make! Use grocery store coupons and try not to eat out too often. Also go for shopping on free classifieds websites, where you can find great deals on a wide variety of used goods.

Save and ensure that you have emergency funds

Life can be unpredictable and for this reason putting some funds aside in a separate account is a great way to save for the future or for life’s little ups and downs. The emergency funds are quite like the insurance policy. However, the only difference here is that instead of paying premiums to the company at a regular interval, you’re keeping aside a certain amount of cash for later use.

Keep tight records

You should meticulous file your financial statements as this will enable you to keep a close eye on any unusual activity and on your current financial situation. Once you get the statement of your cash flow, you will come to know how much liquid cash you presently have and hence, can accordingly plan the outflow of cash in future.

Get the best rates on insurance

It is amazing how car insurance, home insurance etc. can eat a hole in your wallet so make sure you do your homework and get the best rates! If you’re a chain smoker, stop smoking immediately to bring down the insurance rates. Most of the insurance policies require the proposer to undergo a medical examination. If you’re fit as a fiddle, then the rates of premium will reduce considerably. Additionally, check the rates after every 3-5 years and ask the agent whether you can avail the deal or not.

Stay positive

Sometimes it is easy to feel negative about your finances but in order to succeed you need to believe in yourself and fight for what you deserve. Staying positive is essential to stay healthy. By staying healthy, you can prevent the medical expenses. In this way, you can increase your savings. Financial security and success are not something that will occur over night (unless you win the lottery that is!) and you must always remember that money is not life’s key to happiness. Be grateful for what you have but strive to be the best you can be. You will discover that the sky is the limit!

Apart from trying all the above-mentioned tips, you can also seek assistance from a finance adviser. He or she may suggest you some other ways of increasing your bank account while not curbing your luxuries at the same time. However, prior to hiring the professional, go through his or her website carefully. It’s always better to ask about the fees beforehand. Also, check whether he or she has enough experience to guide you efficiently.