Even the most successful of traders will have undergone periods when  their results suffer due to mistakes. This could be down to mistiming the markets, a failure to observe their own trading rules or simply a bad judgement call. This is all a part of trading; you should not expect to win all of the time. The key to becoming a top trader is to overcome these setbacks and bounce back. Ninety five per cent of trading success is the result of maintaining focus and having the correct mindset. You need to be mentally strong and be unwavering in your beliefs. You also need to posses sound analytical skills and judgement to succeed.

Knowing what to look out for is crucial and can help you to steer clear from the most common mistakes. Here is a list of the top ‘do’s and don’ts’ to help you identify the common pitfalls and overcome them. If you observe them and can adjust your approach accordingly then you will be able to boost your results.

1. Research

It is important that you carry out your research correctly and thoroughly at the outset. This will help you to avoid making rash decisions when facing the live markets. You should have a strategy to hand which will alert you to the best times to trade and when it is prudent to stay on the sidelines.

2. Stay Alert

Even with the best plan you need to stay alert to the markets. No matter which asset you trade you should be on the lookout for news and economic figures which can alter the course of the market. Always remember that you are not trading in a static environment. The markets are constantly fluctuating and you may need to make adjustments to your approach if the need arises.

3. Mange Your Risks

It is tempting to find that ‘sure fire’ opportunity and back it too heavily. The advice here is ‘don’t’. You should follow a balanced risk method and manage your trading capital effectively if you want to remain in the trading game. A profit is a profit and you shouldn’t expect to make high returns overnight. Build your account slowly and always remain risk averse.

4. Avoid Overtrading

This is common failing among new traders. It can easily be fuelled by an early run of success. However over trading will only ever see you lose money. Trade during set times and don’t be afraid to sit out of the markets if you don’t feel that you can make good judgement calls. Recognising when and when not to trade is a skill that you will build over time.

5. Become A Master

The temptation is to try to tackle every market. The range of different assets that you can trade with binary options brokers often lures trades into making this mistake. However the reality is that you don’t need to trade every market to be able to make a profit on your account. If you follow only a handful of markets you will be able to keep up with the news and developments more easily. This will give you a greater chance of correctly identifying and exploiting sudden changes in the market.

It is always important that you remember that binary options are simply a tool that you can use to help you reach your financial goals. As with any tool, if you apply it correctly and become a master in using it then will achieve better results. If you approach your trading and investments from this angle then you will set yourself up to reach your financial goals.