We live in 21st century where we can’t live without cables, Internet and cell phones connection. Can you imagine living without these things? You know living without them is like living in stone-age. But relax we have solutions. We don’t have to cut down these connection while we can actually cut down their bills.

3 ways to save on Phone billing

#1 Get latest plan

As we all know telephone industry is very competitive market place and hence every phone company wants consumers stick to their service. So they often offer attractive plans time to time. We should keep an eye on these plans.

#2 Switch to prepaid

Many people don’t use cell phone much and they just keep it for emergencies. In this a prepaid connection may save your bucks. Prepaid connection is a great deal for college students and emergency users.

#3 Cut down Landline

Nowadays every person is a cell phone consumer. If every member of a family using a cell phone in that case we should cut down the landline connection and stick to our wireless connections, which will save us hundreds of bucks every month.

3 ways to save on Cable Service

#1 Modify your cable service

You know we have an average of 500 channels in television but do we actually watch all the channels? The answer is a big No we don’t. I mean who has time to spend on 500 channels. In this case we should modify our cable service, it provides us a facility to choose our favorite channels and remove the extra channels that’s how not only we remove the unwanted channels but also can save hundreds of bucks every year.

#2 Get a dish

If you don’t mind paying for half yearly or annually Dish TV is a valid option. Although you have to pay a particular amount at the first place but looking at long term investment it’ll be a beneficial investment and saves you about 20-30% a year.

#3 Behave like a consumer, bargain

We live in a world, right but if we watch it like a consumer we live in a big market. We have so many shops & companies around and everyone wants to sell their products to us, which makes consumer the most powerful person in the Market. So do bargain, ask for discounts and choose the right cable operator for your pockets.

3 ways to save on Internet connection

#1 Compare to get low prices

With so many shops around buying an internet connection is not like buying vegetable—you went to a shop, ask for price and purchase it, no that’s not how you buy Internet connection. You should go to different shops and then you should compare and decide from which shop you finally wants to buy Internet connection.

#2 Choose Internet speed

Internet company charges according to Internet speed if you do minor work on Internet that doesn’t involve high speed Internet then have a low speed Internet according to your need. This will save you a decent amount.

#3 Cellular Internet

Cellular Internet services are the most cheap internet services. We can have a cellular Internet connection on our smart phones. It’ll be cheaper than Desktop Internet connection and saves a lot of money.