Taking out an insurance policy is something that is required when moving house. A good insurance policy will provide compensation and protect against any damage to personal belongings during the moving process.

Insurance policies and cover

Some insurers have separate policies to cover personal belongings during transit. Professional and legal removal companies likes ourselves are covered by all good insurances policies. There are some insurance policies that offer separate cover for moving house, this separate policy can be taken out but will include additional rates because the policy is not a part of the original insurance package.

Numerous insurance companies who do not offer insurance covering moving house at all, or transferable insurance cover. Choosing the right home insurance before moving in is essential to safeguard your belongings. Having the best insurance cover is the only way to move the house comfortably.

We offer two types of cover to our customers which will protect their personal belongings against all kinds of damages like denting and breaking during the removal process. Goods are insured up to £10,000. It means that you can get £10,000 maximum in case any damage occurs to it.

However, it’s not necessary that your homeowner policy will support you during the shifting. Some house moving policies provide coverage only for the property. Hence, prior to investing, ask the insurance agent the benefits you can avail through it.

Knowing both what’s covered and not covered is important to have realistic hopes. Their offered valuation coverage will not include the value of the items they didn’t pack. If the box doesn’t show any noticeable changes, you can’t claim your file to get the coverage. Additionally, if the item has been damaged due to climatic changes, then you are unlikely to avail the insurance facilities. Also, if the items get damaged while storing and if it is not handled by the movers then, you are not getting the insurance benefits.

The liability of the moves to your items will be limited when you have packed some dangerous items without telling the movers. If you’ve packed your own boxes, and then any scratch happens on to that packed item, you will not be covered. By opting for Released Insured, you are keeping yourself away from availing the benefits of insurance. Inform the mover about how many valuable items they are packing, otherwise you will be out of luck. Go through the contract’s language carefully. If you get stuck anywhere, feel free to get the queries clear beforehand. Immediately, after finding any damage, claim your file. If you are late, the company may not pay you.

Reasons to purchase a good insurance plan when moving house

If you have emotional attachments with your household goods, you won’t think twice to opt to home insurance before moving in. Whether it is harsh climatic conditions or human carelessness, the contents of your house may develop dents and scratches while moving. It is very risky to move house without taking out the correct insurance policy. No one can predict when the accident will happen and as a professional removal company we will do the best job possible to make sure that you will not have to worry about your personal belongings when moving house.

When your selected home insurance policy is right, you’re sure to get a legal removal service. The most common issue related to moving occurs when an insurance policy does not provide coverage for personal items because the removal company is unable to offer compensation for damages during the moving process.

Insurance providers and professional van companies like us will be able to offer you an excellent insurance package which will make moving house simple and affordable. However, to avail the insurance benefit, you have to prove that the item has been lost or damaged due to the movers. Before surrendering the item to the mover, it was absolutely in fine condition. Take before and after snaps of the items so that you can file the claim on time to get the reimbursement.

People mostly, don’t take moving insurance seriously because they think their homeowners insurance will give them all the necessary backups, in case anything damage during the shifting. Unluckily, it’s not always so. Generally, these insurance companies give support when the household items are still inside your house.

In case, you’ve selected a mover not offering damage for coverage. Ask the moving company’s owner whether he or she has the commercial liability policy. If they have, then you can blame them under that policy, provided they have done damage to your item intentionally or unintentionally.

Never expect to get any support from your new homeowner insurer unless you’ve moved into your newly bought home. They are responsible to take care of your valuable items and even your house only when you’ve moved there, but not before