Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.

Family vacation is indeed fun. By going for a vacation with our family, we get enough chances to create lifetime memories. However, to go for a vacation, you need enough fund.

Keeping some cash aside while meeting the daily needs, is a difficult job for the families having low income. But does that mean they shouldn’t dream of a family vacation?

Obviously, not! Now the question comes- ‘How to Save for a Family Vacation?’

Not to worry; for those who are committed to having the much needed vacation, there are ways of accomplishing this worthy goal if you are willing to discipline yourselves and sacrifice a little bit. I have included some tips on how to fund that next vacation. Read on to get the answer.

Create your vacation budget

In order to be successful in saving for a vacation you need to know how much it is going to cost. Decide upfront where you want to go, what you will do, how long the vacation will be and how much you will spend. Be specific.

Bank Account for Vacation:

Open a bank account solely for vacation expenses. Set up automatic payments to increase the savings even if you forget to deposit there. It’s better to opt for an interest-bearing account. The money grows in those accounts even when you are planning for the trip.

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Schedule Your Trip in Advance:

Timing is the key factor to save huge cash on traveling. Fly in the off times such as in the midnight, midweek, and so on. While booking the ticket online, avail flexible-travel date search facilities. Flexible dates for traveling will give you the chance to compare the fares and hence, grab the best deal. Always return on less busy weekdays.

Use the Tech Fully:

Are you a tech savvy? Download different kinds of cash-saving apps namely roadtrippers, gasbuddy, and others. You can book hotels at the last minute by accessing hotels.com. Google maps have gained popularity among the travelers searching for restaurants, nearby rental car centers, and hotels. Facebook is another great way to gather information about quality hotels and tourist spots from your friend circle.

Eliminate the Unnecessary Luxuries:

Determine whether you are spending unnecessarily that otherwise you could have saved for going for a vacation. Cut down the luxuries without which you can easily carry on with your lifestyle. If you are fond of going to movie theaters weekly, curb that to monthly. Or, you can watch that movie in laptop too.

Start a Part-time Job:

Just by working little more, you can save quickly. Look for a job where you can earn by working only a few hours every day. It is the way to earn outside your regular job. By working part-time or doing freelancing, you can go one step further everyday to save money. In the winter holidays, numerous employers of the retail industry hire seasonal workers to deliver their additional projects in time. In the summertime, some farms and pools recruit lifeguards to get additional support. Search in these industries keeping the season in mind for a job.

Make Money by Selling Stuff:

You may have stuffs in your house that you hardly use. Actually, they’re only cluttering your house and hence, affecting its decoration. But don’t throw them out. You can sell those stuffs to have money. Most of the rag and bone men give money to stuff sellers according to the weight of the stuff. Find a ragman who is ready to give you more money for the stuff’s overall weight.

Scoot and Grab Deals:

Regardless of the city you’re planning to visit, use Living Social or Groupon. Both these apps come with lucrative deals and discounts for almost every city. The website of local newspaper of your selected destination also has discounts and deals in a specific section of the site. Discount coupons for famous tourist spots and adventurous activities sometimes come even on maps and local fliers.

Go for Contacting Directly:

Though you can take help of the apps available, yet you shouldn’t overlook the role human can play in bringing down your total traveling budget. Don’t trust the information given in the apps completely. Instead talk to the owners of the hotels directly and ask them about the prices. Know about their AAA rates and other discounts. Compare it with the price given online. Don’t forget to gather information about their cancellation policy.

Generally, when you buy the tickets beforehand, chances are there you’ll get the tickets at discounted prices. Avoid paying the extra fees for your baggage by planning the packing properly. Strategically packing is very essential to keep yourself away from giving away any extra money at the airport for carrying extra luggage. Moreover, when you have enough space in your bags, you can think about shopping.

Try to save on transportation too by either opting for walking or riding the bike to reach your destination. Whatever you do, plan everything in advance.