Increasing numbers of people across America and beyond are discovering the numerous advantages of starting their own business. They can greatly improve their finances because it’s they who benefit directly from their hard work rather than an employer, and they can fit their work activities around their family commitments, as well as making a career out of something they’re passionate about. It’s true, however, that the world of business today is ultra-competitive, so if you’re a sole trader or run a small business, you need to keep your overheads down.

Here are three ways you can do that and give yourself a competitive edge.

Take Control of Your Marketing Budget

For a small business to succeed, it needs a great product or service that meets a public need, but it also needs the public to hear about it, which is why marketing is so important. It’s just as important, though, to market in the right way and take control of your marketing budget. Many traditional forms of marketing, such as advertising in newspapers or distributing flyers, don’t give the return on investment they once did. Social media marketing is the modern solution that allows small businesses to reach out to huge numbers of potential customers, including those all-important Millennials. The great news is that you can do it yourself if you’re social media savvy; just keep those posts informative, exciting, and visually arresting.

Keep Your Computers in Great Condition

Every small enterprise is reliant upon one item more than any other: the computer. So, if your computer lets you down, it can cost you time and money over and above the repair bill. The answer is to do all you can to keep your computer or computers in great shape, and that doesn’t only mean keeping your virus protection up to date. One of the major causes of computer malfunction, particularly in the summer months, is overheating and this can wipe out the hard drive and all the data on it. Make sure you know how to keep your computer cool, from letting it breathe to removing dust; following these tips can keep your computer up and your overheads down.

Look Around for Utility Suppliers

Gas, electricity, and water bills are the greatest overheads that most small businesses face, and they just keep going up and up. You owe it to yourself and your business to find the best deal possible when it comes to your utility bills, so take a look at comparison sites and find the supplier that can offer your business the best possible price. Don’t be misguided by loyalty, as comparing suppliers on an annual basis can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Reducing your marketing expenditure, while increasing its effectiveness, ensuring your computers stay cool and perform well, and cutting down on your energy costs while reducing energy wastage, can make your business much more profitable than it once was. This can be particularly important if you’re thinking of expanding your business or are looking to raise capital to launch a new product, so you could find your small business turning into a medium business.