There seem to be a lot of different kinds of ideas surrounding what online trading. Obviously the word ‘online’ can immediately bring all manner of different connotations to people’s minds, and many may simply regard it as something akin to purchasing something off eBay or Amazon.

The reality is that online trading is the buying and selling of stock, commodities, shares and other similar products on sophisticated online platforms such as Wilkins Finance, upon which highly talented and intelligent investors and traders make their profits – either as a side business to their main organisations – or even as a primary source of income for those that have become the most well established.

Is it Secure?

One of the most untrue and rather absurd claims involves allegations that online trading is nothing but glorified gambling. Others, on the other hand, may not simply trust their financial details and capital in an online chace, fearing the likes of faceless hackers breaking into their online platform’s accounts and stealing their money.

You can rest assured knowing that online trading platforms have some of the most sophisticated and impregnable cyber security measure available on any online websites and servers. Let us now take a look at a few of these forms of defense. These security measures are used in the leading online banking systems in the world.


This software takes your information, such as your bank account details, passwords, digital caches etc. and turns them into unintelligible information – absolutely garbled data which, if a hacker even managed to access, would be unable to use for anything.

You can rest assured knowing that even if your sensitive documents and investment plans happened to be stolen, the thief would be presented with nothing but nonsensical symbols. A 128-bit algorithm is a level of encryption that is the maximum amount of security technology permitted for usage in the United States.

Random Number Generator

This software is similar to encryption software, in that it turns information into untranslatable data, only it uses randomizing mathematical programming to turn your data into something completely arbitrary.

This means that something like your passwords would never be able to be solved by a potential intruder, as they are constantly being recycled into something completely new, without any form of patterns or trends that someone could possibly try and identify.

What You can do to Ensure Your own Security

While you may indeed be relying on some of the most sophisticated pieces of security, there is much that you can do to make your own side of the internet a safe place. Always make sure that whatever browser you are using has great security services, and that you have them active.

You can also purchase a good internet security program, which will protect you from all manner of nasty elements drifting through the internet. That being said, one of the most important measures to take when protecting yourself online is to hide your IP address by using a VPN.

Concealing your IP Address through a VPN

Whenever you are connected to the internet, what is known as your Internet Service Provider will provide you with an IP address. Whenever you now go through the internet, read your emails, play games online, or stream films online, you leave a digital footprint which can be traced through your IP address.

This IP address and its traces can be tracked in order to locate a person’s physical location, as well as their online activities. Seeing as you will be indeed playing around with so much money if you do end up making something worthy out of online trading, you will indeed require leading VPN software in order to erase your online traces completely.

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, provides you with a connectivity to a different network, and once you are part of this system, you will receive a brand new IP address from said VPN service.

Put simply, all of your online activities will now be running through this hidden channel, rather than through the mainstream public one, ensuring that the less savory elements on the internet cannot track you down when you have entered such a covert state of presence.