Christmas is just days away and there might be a lot of things you are left with to do. Christmas is the season of fun and joy, but along with this also comes a huge expense and pressure to have a great Christmas celebration.

Even though you make a budget for the season, most of us end up exceeding it. Swiping your credit cards to ensure your Christmas goes just the way you had planned is common, but is not always a good idea. But after the season is over you are left with a huge debt which can spiral and make big trouble for you.

So to ensure that you stick to your Christmas budget, here are few tips which you can follow and stay away from the debts and excess in expenditure.

Smart Gifting

we tend to put in a lot of money in buying expensive gifts for the family, neighbours, colleagues and friends.

However, just think about this, how many times have you received an unnecessary and useless Christmas gift from someone whom you don’t really care about?

To avoid this, you need to make a list of all the loved ones whom you usually present with Christmas gifts. After making the list, omit out the ones who are not so close to you.

Prioritise the closest ones and dedicate major budget to them while you try to fit in the remaining ones in the remaining budget.

Don’t get tempted to swipe your credit cards.

Make Your Own Presents

After you are done prioritising your list, decide on the gifts based on your budget. Here too you can get quite budget friendly if you make your own presents.

Making Christmas gifts for others won’t require you to spend excessive money which you may generally spend on buying those expensive and often meaningless gifts from the glittery shops. You can use the existing items at your home to make really impressive gifts.

Also it looks very nice if you give handmade gifts to others. It shows the amount of dedication and love you have for them as you invest a lot of time in personally making gifts for them.

Make Your Own Decorations

It is not mandatory to buy your decorations every year. Christmas is the season and time for the family. It is a time for celebration and joy. So even if you are little artistic by nature, get the artist in you to life and make your own decoration.

Buy cardboard, plastic, paints, brushes and let the creativity flow. Try to engage your kids in this; they might be better than you at it. This way you will spend some quality time with your family and save a lot of money.

Also if you end up making some really good decoration, then try not to spoil it. Remove it carefully and store it for next year.

Even if you buy expensive decorations, don’t throw them away after one use. Repeat the same with them as well and you will save a good deal of money every year.

Shop from the Discount Shops

Discount shops are very popular and are at the peak of offering sales before and after Christmas. So why can’t you make the most out of them?

It is no secret that you go out on a shopping spree during the time of Christmas. You have to buy so many things.

You have to buy Christmas presents and decorations if you can’t make your own gifts and presents. You have to buy toys for the kids. If you are going on a Christmas trip then you have to buy all the essentials which you might need on the trip.

Thus there is a huge list of things to be bought for the Christmas period. But to assist you to stick to your budget, discounts shops come in handy. They offer everything at unbelievably discounted rates.

Claiming the Loyalty

You work so hard to gain your loyalty points from various stores. You visit the same store frequently to get more loyalty points or receive vouchers from them.

Christmas is the time when you finally can utiliseall these perks you can get because of those loyalty points.

Use those pending vouchers and loyalty points while you buy your Christmas stuff and get a good discount.

This will aid you the most to keeping your budget low, yet getting good items for the Christmas.