Before you run off and get a loan, do not forget that investing in the stock market with a loan is blindingly risky. The only safe way to invest in the markets is to do so with a view to saving first, and accumulating second. If you are in debt then you are always going to be worse off if you try to save, over repaying your debt.

You may just as easily lose money in the stock market, as you are to gain money. Not only that but you have to make money, otherwise you are left with debt. If you then add in the fact that if you do not make enough money quick enough, then you are at an automatic loss because of the loans interest accumulating.

Finally, the stock market should be played in the long term in order to get the best returns. Some shares can stay at the same price for years, and the longer you have the loan then the more money you pay on it.

If are looking to take a loan out because you are on to a “sure thing”, you should find your financing and call a stockbroker. They will be able to put the sale through for you (minus their commission). They will buy the stocks in your name. This can often be done online, and you will find that very few places actually issue a paper purchase of stock certificate anymore. It is mostly all done online.

If you are sure you have found a legitimate stockbroker, you should hand over your money and let them make the purchase on your “sure thing”. With the understanding that insider trading is wrong, let us assume your sure thing is the combination of evidence and deduction. Make sure that your evidence is sound and that your deduction is unclouded. Do not forget that if your stocks do not make money quickly, you will be in debt for a long time.

What you may also wish to remember is that even though you have your “sure thing”, you still need to weigh up the option of being wrong. Is the debt going to be an amount you will struggle to pay off? Do not forget that even if your stocks stay at the same price, you will lose money when you sell them.

Get a loan that has a low rate and repay the least amount of money back per month. In other words, get one with a very long term (as long as you can). At least in that way you will be free to leave the stocks for longer before being forced to sell them.

This will also give you a longer time to accumulate dividends and will allow you stocks to rise further before selling them. It is however very important that no matter what type of loan you get, that the loan company will allow you to repay the whole amount as-and-when you wish; in other words, a loan that will allow you to repay the money earlier than the set-term limit.

That way if your stocks fly through the roof and you sell up, you will not have to be stuck with your loan. You may simply pay it off in one lump sum, and enjoy yourself with the rest of your money.

Make sure you watch your stocks and shares very carefully. They can peak very quickly and fall just as fast. Keep an eye on them to make sure you sell up at the best time. Also, do not lose your cool if your prices fall very low. The peaks and troughs happen all the time, you must not lose your cool. The same goes for if your stock price has not moved for six months. Do not set a low price-limit sell-function.

This is where if your stock price gets too low they will sell automatically. This is foolish since prices can vary wildly within an 8-hour period. Do however set an upper limit so that they sell as soon as the price hits a big juicy number. It will save you the bother of having to keep checking your stocks.

You may hit a lot of roadblocks by lending institutions if you claim you want a loan to invest in the markets. Most will show you the door. Either you can lay your way into getting the loan, or you can try another form of financing such as a credit card.