When putting your money and investments into the hands of brokerage firms, there is a certain level of trust that goes into choosing the right one. With the rise of illegal or unorthodox investments, investors sometimes find themselves victims of financial abuse or even worse situations. If you have no or little knowledge in this area, it may be difficult to know if your funds have been mishandled.

Cold Spring Advisory Group specializes in investment loss recovery. They are a team of experts in helping you build a case against brokers who may have taken advantage of you. They have proven to be a valuable partner in loss recovery because of their vast and trusted network of lawyers.

About Cold Spring Advisory Group

Cold Spring Advisory Group is a team made up of former brokers with many years of experience under their belts. Because they have worked with clients all over the world, they know how to identify whether or not your brokerage has exploited your finances.

Cold Spring Advisory Group uses specialized software to detect losses easily through forensic reports. With this technology, they can investigate various data ranges including Risk Exposure Analysis, Concentration Analysis, Daily P&L, and more. By using this equipment to sift through data, they can determine if litigation should be the next step. If this is the case, Cold Spring Advisory Group turns to their network of lawyers for legal advice. Their lawyers are well-versed in the areas of securities arbitration and investment loss recovery.

You may feel that your claim is not worth pursuing because of the heavy costs involved. However, even if you have claims that are under $50,000, Cold Spring Advisory Group can bring you justice. There are never any hidden fees with their services. Their network of attorneys work on a contingency basis, and the Cold Spring Advisory Group retainer fee includes the attorney fee, filing fee, arbitration panel, and expert witness fee. Their services are completely affordable.

What Exactly Will Cold Spring Advisory Group do?

Through these methods of investment forensics, Cold Spring Advisory Group will help you with loss recovery better than the rest.

Statement of Claim

After securing a top level attorney, they will work together to file all of the necessary paperwork to put the suit into action. When filing a suit, even small technicalities can potentially affect whether or not you will have a case. It’s important that your statement of claim is not left to chance. This is why their team is there to do it for you.

Standard Profit & Loss

Offering not one, but 15 different reports, Cold Spring Advisory Group will come up with plenty of data to make your case. Through these various reports, they can review your investment portfolio for the entire timeframe during which you believe it was mishandled. This backup of information is imperative to your future success.

Special Analysis

This stage of analysis goes even deeper as more data is collected in a more specialized way. This detailed investigation will include unsolicited and solicited analysis, realized/unrealized analysis, option strategy analysis, risk exposure analysis, what-if scenarios, performance analysis, well-managed theory, concentration analysis, color combined, daily P&L, and combined P&L. Cold Spring Advisory Group will be thorough in all of their investigative reporting and will keep you up to date on their findings throughout the process.

What Services do They Offer?

Cold Spring Advisory Group offers a whole host of services to make things even easier for their clients. They include:

  • A full case evaluation, during which they make sure that your case meets the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority requirements. They will decide the viability of your claim by uncovering broker liability and wrongdoings while educating and guiding you through the process. Their knowledge is invaluable during this stage.
  • After the case is evaluated and all parties have decided to move forward, Cold Spring Advisory Group will help you to prepare your case for arbitration. They do this with the help of their trusted attorneys as they go over all important documents, prepare reviews and witness testimonies, gather useful facts, and help your case build credibility.

Each step of your case will be organized, and you will be provided with a calculation of all damages, recommendations and reviews, prepared witnesses, and expert witness testimonies. You will also have the ability to track your claim and its process through their website.

Cold Spring Advisory Group has been able to bring justice to countless clients. If you think that your investments are being mishandled, if you believe you have been given bad advice, or you have financially suffered from stockholder abuse, consider contacting their team to get back what you deserve. Contact them for a free consultation at 212-566-6060.