Tax operation business may not be an easy job for most tax drivers but with the proper and correct information which is essentially critical for this operation will go a long way in ensuring that tax driving is one of the most enjoyable jobs in towns and cities. Legally, there are some important rules which must be complied and adhered to in ensuring safety of both the drivers as well as that of the customers or hires of these taxes. Basically, this may range from the insurance policies, police rules, and tax collection authorities to traffic police who ensures road signs and rules are observed by all users of the highways and roads. Some basic information which is critical to everyone about tax operation is outlined below;

Insurance policy

As a tax operator it is mandatory to produce a copy of an insurance cover policy from a legal and legitimate agency or insurance company as a proof that you and the clients are assured of their safety just in case the unexpected risk occurs. The insurance policy should be proved as valid and up to date. Due to the continued diversity of the insurance industry, there are agencies in the market posing as genuine ones yet they are not and therefore it’s always important to be careful when deciding on the most appropriate agencies to work with. Terms of operation too vary across the board from one company to another and deciding too on the most suitable agency to work with should be thought of critically.

M.O.T certificate (applies to cars which are older than 3yrs)

This is always a requirement to ensure your car is correctly registered and you are issued with a genuine certificate of registration which is checked regularly to ensure its valid and up to date. This may have some negative implications especially when paying the tax for your car. This is so because the amount of tax you pay is decided upon based on emissions produced by your car, the type of fuel you use among other factors. Once you get registered you receive a car tax disc which should always be displayed on the passenger’s side failure to which you receive a penalty of $ 150. In case you are not supplied with the tax disc it is always advisable to call the tax disc phone number and getting assisted immediately otherwise you will be putting yourself at the risk of being fined lots of money out of ignorance.

Payment mode

If you have to sell your car at any time first you must inform the driver together with vehicle licensing agency since you are still liable and the legal owner of the car. This is necessary for transfer of ownership and application of the new tax rules under the new owner plus in case your gets involved in an accident after selling it you will not be held accountable for it.

To avoid your car from being impounded, destroyed or possibly seized as a tax operator it’s recommended to comply and follow all the outlined customs and always obey the rules.