Let us understand step by step what all you need to know about payday loans.

#1 What is a payday loan?

Same day payday loans are the kind of instant loans that people take if they need money suddenly and have exhausted their monthly budget. Such loans are called emergency loans as they attract a lot of interest and cannot be taken casually. Still payday loans are very popular as they are one of the easiest loans in offer. Most of the lending companies keep the option of such instant loans for the convenience of the customers. These loans include no paper work or faxing of documents, no collateral or pledge, hence it is popular among the borrowers.

#2 Who can apply for the same day payday loans?

As mentioned above, this loan is an instant loan which is generally taken to suffice emergency requirements. Now, the lenders have not kept any such stringent terms which a borrower would need to fulfill to get the loan. There are a few basic criteria and whoever fulfills them, can easily avail the benefits of this payday loan. As this loan does not include any check of credit history, therefore, anyone with a bad credit history of defaulter, late payment, CCJ, missed payment or any similar problems can easily apply for this loan. The basic criteria that need to be fulfilled are:

  • You have to be a US citizen
  • You should be having a stable job where you have worked for more than two months
  • You should be 18 years of age or above
  • You should have a working bank account

#3 How to apply?

Once you are fulfilling all the eligibility criteria, you can immediately apply for the same day payday loan. In order to apply, you need to fill up an online application form. This would include the basic information about you. Then you will find that there are many online lenders who have various attractive loan schemes for their prospective clients. You need to go through the details of your shortlisted lenders and select one of them who have the scheme which suits you the best. Once you are certain of the credentials of your lender, you can apply for your loan amount and money will get transferred in your account within the same day.

#4 Repayment

although all the above points that I have mentioned above are important to know, one thing that is most important and you must know about same day payday loans is its interest rate as well as its repayment policy. As discussed above, the payday loans are expensive as they have high interest rates attached to them. The repayment process hence becomes more important as late payment attracts heavy penalty. Therefore, try to return your borrowed amount by your next payday positively. This will prevent you from paying much more than what you had initially borrowed.