Moving to a new place can be an arduous work but it does not necessarily need to end with a hole in your wallet. We often find ourselves in a dilemma on where and how to start packing and being scared of creating a mess, we feel that relocation services are our only feasible option. But here is a surprise! Relocation services usually include their profit in the service charges and thus, the actual relocation cost is much lower. So, to know about some tips and tricks to cheaply and successfully execute the relocations, do read ahead:

Packing Boxes:

While many people prefer to use cartons for packing of the items, I recommend the usage of plastic containers. They are multipurpose and can better endure the rough abuse while relocating. Once you have moved all the stuff, you can even reuse them to store the items which are not usually used. Moreover, if you’ll need to relocate again, these plastics can be easily reused which would save you a considerable amount of money.

Truck rentals:

Hiring a truck is the most expensive job during relocations. Thus, choose the appropriate truck that effectively fulfills your requirement. Instead of hiring two small trucks, opt for one large truck. And always leave some space in trucks for the last minute items as no matter how thoroughly you plan; there would always be items to store at the last minute. If you can, always drive the truck by yourself as it would save you the over-head expenses of hiring a driver.

Road Trip:

If you are moving over-night, it would be beneficial to inquire about a hotel or motel which would be able to provide an enough space for your moving truck. If you have pets, then you need to find a place beforehand that lets them stay. Camping is another exciting option. You can pack the foods and savor it while enjoying the beautiful outdoor ambiance.

Do not move everything:

Do not pack and move each and every item in your house. Some of the stuffs like unwanted furniture, old clothes, and electronic items can always be donated or put up for a sale. There is no better time than relocations to remove all the unused items. So, pack only those items that you’ll be absolutely using.

Hire labor on base rate:

Do not hire the labors on per hour basis as they can over-stretch the packing work to earn some extra money. Many relocation services like Man and Van provide the workers on both the hourly basis and the base rate, leaving it the option open for the customers to choose. Even if the base rate might look expensive initially, it would save you a lot of money in the long run.