Does your home office look like a Tsumani hit it?

When tax time comes, do you scurry around the Internet looking for invoices to add up?

When it’s time to bill a client, does your memory lapse on what work you’ve done?

If so, it’s time to manage your home business like a pro!

Control Your Home Business with these Management Tips

With some simple changes to the way you run your business, you could start to manage your business much more efficiently to make dealing with everything having to do with it easier.

Grab a Trash Bag

It’s time to de-clutter your office. Grab a trash bag, and start throwing anything not absolutely needed for your business into it. Every book, magazine, toy, personal item, etc. that you don’t absolutely need should be either placed somewhere else in your home or in the trash.

You’re doing this so you don’t become distracted anymore. Distraction is the biggest culprit to not having enough time to manage your business. The less you have to do around you, the better. That way, when you are in your office, you are there with everything you need to work and that is it.

Business Paperwork in Bins/Folders

Filing takes a few seconds, throwing something in a bin takes a second. Get some bins and label them with the documents you usually have for clients, such as “Invoices,” “Contracts,” etc.

You can also do this on your computer with folders. Don’t worry about organizing folders for each client and then trying to find that folder whenever you have something to place in it. Have a general folder for all invoices, contracts, or documents, and you can just drop them in when needed.

Set Up Files You Need to Save Time Later

The third way to make your business much more manageable is to use a program like QuickBooks, which can help you with your finances. Create an invoice for your clients, and as you complete work, simply open up the file, type in what you did and save it. When invoice time comes, simply take the file, tally up charges and send it away.

Tax time is a breeze because all your invoices are in one spot, as well as all your business expenses if you decide to create a file for that as well. All you have to do is print them out, and you’re ready to go.

The Overall Solution to Business Management

Manage your business like a pro by keeping your workspace focused on work, creating general bins/folders to throw important documents into, and keeping records of work and expenses as you move throughout your day. Try it out, and soon, you’ll be so proficient, you won’t even notice you are managing your business like a pro.