Your small business needs insurance to be able to run smoothly. Insurance also makes you look credible, helps attract and protect employees, prevents you from getting sued, covers damages incurred from Acts of God, and so forth. But business insurance is quite expensive, which is why you need to figure out ways to save costs

Millennials—the generation of adults born between 1981 and 1996—are already a strong force throughout much of the world. They are driving trends and changing the culture, and at the same time striving for work-life balance and a happier existence. Their concerns are different than those that came before them, leading many millennials to delay the

You’ve been sick for weeks now. You don’t want to go to the doctor? How long will you suffer that congestion? Wish you had health insurance? How often do you avoid going to the doctor because you know you can’t afford it without coverage? It’s a scary feeling – knowing you have to suffer or

Startup success doesn’t come cheap. The costs add up in time and of course money. However, there are frugal ways to keep finances in good shape when pre and post-startup launch. After all, the second biggest reason startups fail is lack of funding. Here the top five frugal financial hacks to ensure your startup won’t