It has been stated that “apps” are receiving more loyalty and popularity than mobile websites. According to the online shopping data for Cyber Monday from Adobe’s Digital Index 2013, online sales increased by 16% to $2.29 billion, which is certainly an alarming statistic. Not only this, but 18.3% of sales came from mobile phones themselves, which was a rapid increase of 80% from the year previously. Mobile app users are predicted to be around 1.2 billion as of last year, and are expected to increase to a whopping 4.4 billion by 2017. These statistics have only proved that we’re living in a mobile, technologically advanced age, and that it’s just the beginning.

Ray Pun, Strategic Marketing Manager for Adobe, says a few knowing words about the loyalty of mobile app users worldwide. He talks about the findings from a recent report, and says, “When we looked specifically at tablets, we found the average time spent per session in a mobile app was four times longer than in a mobile website on a tablet” and that, “In the case of a smartphone, we found the time spent in apps was about two and a half times longer than mobile Web”. Ray Pun’s words just go to show how popular apps are becoming with the global population.

Long story short, apps certainly play an important role in most peoples’ daily lives. We don’t realize this, but it’s true. Think about it – how many times have we played Angry Birds when we’re bored whilst traveling? How many times have we used the Facebook app to let our friends know how long we’ll be until we arrive? How many Snapchats have we sent? Which restaurants have we reviewed? Apps really are taking over, and transforming our everyday lives into simpler, more fun ones. The rise in Smartphones has greatly increased the usage of mobile apps. Ray Pun says, “The smartphone is used typically outside of the home. When someone’s on a smartphone, it’s typically during the day. They check for things like news, weather, stocks, their bank accounts, etc.”

With around a staggering 70 app stores today and an estimated 56 to 82 billion app downloads in 2013, it’s plain to see how popular apps have become with the world population. Used in our daily lives to simplify old tasks, for fun, for convenience and/or for when we grow bored, the usage of apps is only expected to get bigger. Be prepared!

Who is the author?

This entry was written by Blair Thomas who is an electronic payment expert who co-founded The High Risk Guys based out of Los Angeles.  Blair and his company have led the way in their Industry, helping simplify credit card processing for credit repair companies. You can follow him on Google + and Facebook.