Are you still sceptical about investing in an extended warranty plan for your brand new Nissan car? Well, if you are someone who likes to take risks and enjoy the concept of paying for unexpected repairs and maintenance costs, you would not need to get one. However, if you are somebody who would like to be in control of every situation you are in and value your peace of mind, investing in an extended warranty plan would serve your best interests. An extended warranty is essentially an insurance product that covers maintenance and repair charges of a car after the original manufacturer warranty has expired. You can opt to buy a comprehensive extended warranty program directly from the dealer. The cost will be bundled in with the financing for the vehicle and will be included in your monthly installments.

Alternative Plans

If you are scared by the highly expensive factory warranty plans offered by the manufacturer, you have the cheaper alternative of buying comprehensive plans from third party insurance or warranty providers. However, in this case, it would not be called an extended warranty plan, but a vehicle service contract instead.

Changing Times, Changing Practices

Today, most people prefer to hold on to their cars for a much more extended period of time. With the level of technology and enhanced mechanics incorporated into each car, investing in an extended warranty program would seem to be the best decision. When something goes wrong with the high end electronics that come incorporated in today’s Nissan cars, it is an extremely expensive affair to isolate the problem, make a diagnosis, and eventually make repairs. A well detailed Nissan Extended Warranty Insurance can protect you from the high costs involved and keep you hassle free.

When you acquire an extended warranty at the time of purchase, you will be able to sweep the cost of the warranty under the financing for the vehicle. This provides you with some slack and you don’t have to worry about procuring a lump sum amount. Instead the cost will be included in your monthly instalment. Though there is the downside of mounting interest rates, you can always search for third party warranty dealers who provide zero percent financing on their extended warranty programs.

Negotiating for Extended Warranty Plan Price

Similar to the various financial products sold by a provider such as Swann Tyre and Rim Insurance, extended warranties are generally marked up from the fundamental wholesale cost. This translates to an opportunity to negotiate the financial terms of your extended warranty. If you are serious about negotiating for the best price, you can start by obtaining quotes from a minimum of two sources.

You could call local dealerships and get in contact with the respective F&I manager to enquire about the charges of the extended warranty plan that you have set your sights on. You can expect dealers to provide various quotes, but generally after a couple of replies to your queries, you will get a rough sketch of the going rate. At this juncture, you could choose to either jump on the lowest offer given or proceed towards deeper negotiations. For all those with bad credit history you have the Nissan Bad Credit Car Finance provider who can assist you in your journey to get extended warranty.

There is another approach you could take. When dealers offer extended warranties bundled with new cars, they generally provide options in the line of monthly payments instead of the original warranty cost. If you want a clear idea of the price of the warranty, you could request an itemised cost of the individual components of the vehicle price. This includes the isolated cost of the extended warranty.

These are just a few avenues through which you could negotiate the price of the extended warranty for your Nissan car. You can always get in touch with car dealers or third party agencies for more information.