The use of credit cards is seen as vital in today’s society, especially since both individuals and companies are moving towards a more digital landscape. Because of this, the number of people wanting to apply and get one is increasing. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they would jump for any chance to have one. Future cardholders are smarter than that; they really examine which card will best suit their needs.

They take their time researching for the right card with some opting to get an EastWest Platinum Mastercard, knowing that it has the features they need in their lifestyle. But not everyone is as knowledgeable on this subject. If you are one of these people, then don’t fret. This article aims to help you understand which card can work for you best.

If this is your first time owning a credit card, then perhaps the most ideal way to go about it is by choosing simpler features, such as an interest-free credit card. Let’s explore some of them below.

EastWest Platinum Mastercard

The EastWest Platinum Mastercard provides cardholders a 0% interest and installment plan when you shop at their partner establishments. It also has a low interest balance transfer that is payable in 6-24 months.

Other perks you can look forward to in this card are free comprehensive travel insurance, free virtual card, and free Lifetime Membership. You can also apply for a cash advance of up to 70% from your credit card limit.

RCBC Bankard Visa Infinite Card

With the RCBC Bankard Visa Infinite Card, you will always have the option to cut your purchases into 3 months with a 0% interest rate. This rate is also applicable when you use your card to pay for tuition (and miscellaneous) fees, online shopping on local and foreign shops, and hotel bookings.

Maybank Mastercard Standard

The Maybank Mastercard Standard has a 0% interest rate when you shop at participating stores. The cost of the items you’ve bought can then be paid in 3-24 months. This installment plan can also be optimized to pay for your retail transactions and outstanding balances. Furthermore, it also offers cardholders a free annual fee in your first year. Not too shabby for your very first credit card, right?

BPI Edge Mastercard

The BPI Edge Mastercard cardholders can take advantage of its 0% interest installment exclusives. You could also get a chance to earn points (1 point = P50) when you make a purchase using this card. It also has a contactless technology, which is very apt with the times. Lastly, your annual fee will also be waived on your first year.

EastWest Bank Visa/Mastercard Classic

The EastWest Bank Visa/Mastercard Classic has a 0% interest rate you can use on your installments. You will also get to earn 1 point every time you make a P100 purchase with your card. The points you collected can then be used as airmiles for your future travel plans. Plus, you get a free travel insurance that goes up to P20m.


If this is your first time applying for a credit card, be sure to keep the cards listed above in mind when deciding which one can best fit your lifestyle. They don’t only have comprehensive perks and reward systems, but they also offer interest-free plans for you to take advantage of.