Affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly fun way to supplement your income from the comfort of your home, but what about the tax implications? What taxes should you be paying and when? Do I have to pay tax as an affiliate? Yes. One of the problems with earning money online is that many see it

It happens every year: tax time rolls around, and you have a box full of jumbled receipts to dump on your tax preparer’s desk. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair! While this year’s tax papers may be a sloppy mess, it’s also the perfect time to organize your paperwork for next year. Not only will

Because online computer service was interrupted for five days due to the heart bleed bug, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) extended the tax-filing deadline of 2014, until May 5th. Still, despite this deadline, many people found themselves in the stressful situation of having tax problems due to unreported income, tax avoidance, or unfiled tax returns.

Tax operation business may not be an easy job for most tax drivers but with the proper and correct information which is essentially critical for this operation will go a long way in ensuring that tax driving is one of the most enjoyable jobs in towns and cities. Legally, there are some important rules which