Stock Market


What is forex? Forex is short for foreign exchange, specifically to the currencies of other nations. Many people invest their money in foreign currencies because they can make a huge profit in this way. The currencies in which people trade most often include the American and Australian dollars, the British pound, the euro and the

Most people lose their fund in Forex because they do not have a plan for preserving their investment. It is one of the crucial things that you need to focus on your strategy and also in your career. The capital serves as a fuel that keeps you going. The moment your deposit vapor from your

There seem to be a lot of different kinds of ideas surrounding what online trading. Obviously the word ‘online’ can immediately bring all manner of different connotations to people’s minds, and many may simply regard it as something akin to purchasing something off eBay or Amazon. The reality is that online trading is the buying

Every industry has its own terminology and culture. Forex is no different and it too has its own unique Forex terminology. Understanding the terms and using them correctly can go a long way towards a profitable Forex trading experience. Long or Short A long position is a situation in which one purchases a currency pair

As the dollar continues to rise in value, its effect on gold price remains evident, and this has been experienced first-hand in gold mining companies in London markets. This follows indication by Fed’s Janet Yellen that the U.S rates are going to raise soon. Metals miner Fresnillo is reported to have dropped by 6.3% and

Doing any kind of trading on the stock market can be a game that is exhilarating, yet potentially very dangerous.  Perhaps it is because of the danger itself that many people are drawn to the stock market.  As with gambling, you go in with a certain amount of money and the chance to either watch