Many homeowners refinance their original mortgage at least once during the course of homeownership. For some, several refinances will take place which may or may not extend the time of loan payments. When considering taking the plunge, there are 7 questions to ask yourself before refinancing: 1. How is my credit score? Does your credit

The word ‘mortgage – in financial lingo or even in colloquial term – refers to mortgage loan. The loan is secured by a real estate property. The evidence of the transaction is made through a mortgage note. The details of agreement are done in writing and the property owners retain the title as long as

The mortgage market is still sick showing no improvement in its rate. As per the reports of St. Louis Federal Reserve, the rate is below 4%, if you go for 30 years of fixed mortgage. Banking professionals believe that a little change can breathe some life into it. Consequently, they have made the loan-sanctioning procedure

A mortgage broker, also known as a mortgage originator or bond originator, is an individual or a company who brings the debtor and the creditor together for loan purposes. It is important that as a debtor, you should know everything that your broker can do and cannot do in your behalf. It makes it easier

This article would discuss all the valuable tips on commercial mortgage lending. Commercial mortgages would be taken up by those who are about to start a small organization either in their home or nearby. These loans are only dispersed for small business owners and young entrepreneurs who want to start a small firm. Shops or