Who says stay-at-home moms are only as good as baby sitting, cooking, and home-making? Indeed, there are more to moms than just hanging around and waiting for the school bus to arrive. In fact, numerous opportunities await enterprising mommas who wish to break barriers and be their own boss while still looking after their family. So, if you’re one of those determined gals who wish earn some cash without really leaving home, check out our list of home-based businesses, find your niche, and go get your share of success!

1. Computer Services

Alot of moms have already made it big in computer-related industries. So, if you have that knack to computer programming, systems engineering, networking, or web designing, then, you might fit in on the demands of these industries. You can work as a subcontractor for different companies, act as their consultant, or build your own firm and hire a small team to help you run your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re offering software support or website design because the rate, so far, is the best-paying in the industry.

 2. Virtual assistant

Don’t let your downtime go unproductive. Work as a virtual assistant, or VA, and earn big bucks! A VA’s job description varies, from answering phone calls and researching to emailing clients, transcribing, and bookkeeping, depending on what the client wants.

 3. Bookkeeping

If you have the knack for bookkeeping and other finance-related tasks, why not sell your own services and earn $10 and up per hour? All you need is a software and a laptop or a computer set to get the job done. The internet is bountiful with online jobs to fit this category and you can immediately sign up a job in no time. Ideally, startup businesses are great to work for, since they badly need bookkeeping skills.

 4. Consulting/coaching/teaching

Another home-based job that you might want to try out is working as an online consultant, coach, or teacher. This sounds very lucrative if you are someone who’s got a lot of expertise and knowledge over a specific industry. Actually, a lot of moms, who were already well-established in their respective careers, have decided to leave their work in exchange of the flexibility that these home-based jobs have to offer.  Whether you’re great homemaking and parenting or have an above-average knowledge when it comes to wedding organizing or catering, you can bank on it and find a nice stream of income.  You can also offer online classes and interact with people wherever there are in the world.

 5. Pet Services Business

If you’re a pet lover, why not open a pet sitting business right at home? So many busy people are actually looking for someone who would sit, groom, walk, and take care of their pets, so if you think your neighborhood doesn’t have one yet, don’t waste your time! Open your own pet care service now.

6. Online writing

Do you enjoy writing? Then, a huge industry is waiting for you! Why not give a hand on writing booklets, e-books, web contents, and academic papers? Specify your niche market, open your website, promote your service through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites and you’ll see that endless opportunities and clients will flood your inbox!

Indeed, the opportunity for moms who wish to parlay a freelance career is endless. So, if you you’re sick and tired of doing nothing at home all day, hit the internet and look around for some home-based jobs that will perfectly suit your capabilities.