Traveling the exotic locations is really a dream for everyone. But what about the high expenses? Well, even an expensive destination may come within your affordable limit and Save Money.

Here I have discussed 10 tips on how to save money while on vacation that will definitely help you save huge bucks.

1. Fly when it is a slack season. Both train and airfares will be inexpensive during that time.

2. The big hotels are always beyond your financial reach; no matter even it is not a peak season. You should put up in a low-budget hotel. Advance booking and that too in low season will help you save more on your accommodation expenses. While the luxurious hotels in the big cities get footfalls of the high-heeled visitors, delegates, and other celebs throughout the year, the ordinary hostels remain almost vacant due to the insufficient flow of backpackers.

3. Avoid the luxury of having dinner in a posh dining den. It will cause you to pay through your nose. Also, don’t go to the hotels that serve only the tourists. Meals will come costly in your pocket. Chose the restaurants where the local people dine out, you will get good food at a moderate price.

4. You surely enjoy your cocktail. While on a tour, try to avoid going out and having it in a restaurant. Instead, raise a toast to your favorite drink in the hotel room.

5. Use local transportation instead of traveling in a taxi. It is always safe to travel in a local transport medium like tube or bus and fares are reasonable too.

6. The travelers are in a habit of buying souvenirs and other local-made items from wherever they go. If you are no exception to this, make a buy from some unlikely places like tucked-in-a-corner shop instead of getting it from a supermarket.

7. The tourists always go out for sightseeing and it definitely doesn’t come at free of cost. Gather information where you can enjoy a beautiful evening without shelling out a penny or where the entry fees are moderately priced. For example, some churches arrange free concerts or at some other places in the city, colorful festivals may be going on. Many museums offer free entry on a special hour of the day or sell discounted tickets during a certain time of the year.

8. Collect the right information from the right sources regarding the hotel cost, sightseeing expenses, restaurant and other things that you want to avail while touring an unknown spot. Befriend the native people; they will give you the address of ‘everything good but nothing costly’ houses.

9. Plan in advance – that is the key to a successful budget traveling.

Point to note:

Frugality is not appreciable but when you can manage the most of the must-have at a low-cost price, why coughing out more? Compromise your living standard if you want to save on your tour budget.